“I’m An Independent Songwriter And I’d Love You To Own Some Of My Music For Free!” 

This is nothing but good honest home-made music directly from the artist…
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Dear Music-lover!

Thanks for stopping by on my humble website.

Being a musician ain’t so easy these days. You spend months agonising over your product to make it as amazing as possible only for record companies to come along and take 90% of the earnings. The odds of getting that million dollar record deal are virtually non-existent.

I’ve decided to carve my own career in music…

I don’t want to go down the “record label route” so the first thing I know I have to do is build a fan base. I figured that if you love my music then you would be happy to be a subscriber.

There’s no middle man – just you the listener and me the artist with nobody in between making money from either of us… 

If you register your email I’ll send you my new track “Electric Girl” for free – no strings whatsoever. I’ll keep your email on my private record so that I can notify you when the next track is coming out – essentially doing the job of the record company but without fancy graphics or corporate big-wigs.

Its really that simple.

So head over to the form on this page and enter your details to get your instant download link.

Big love